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Need an affordable fencing contractor open now? These 14 results near you are waiting for your call. Here are our top Connellan Fencing Contractors with reviews & ratings.

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Alice Springs NT


13 Coulthard Crt, Ciccone NT


6 Kirk Pl, Gillen NT


Sadadeen NT

5 (1)


15 Kennett Crt, Ciccone NT

5 (3)


78 Elder St, Ciccone NT

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4.5 (2)




Larapinta NT

Open 24 Hrs

Alice Springs NT

5 (1)


70 Elder St, Ciccone NT

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5 (2)


36 Smith Street, Alice Springs NT

3 Woolla Crt, Larapinta NT


Larapinta Drv, Tennant Creek NT


Elliott NT

Featured Reviews of the Best Fencing Contractors in Connellan

4.9 Average Rating based on 18 reviews from 14 Fencing Contractors near Connellan

Fantastic job Brendan and co-worker. Came out at 4pm on a Friday to cut up a fallen gum tree and make secure our back fence. Awesome job and much appreciated.

Kristina Kidd left a review for

Coffey Fencing

Very responsive .

Karan Kumar left a review for

A.J. Nicol Fencing

The guys are absolutely legends!! They went out of their way to make us some clips for a 120 series prados rear air suspension. Didn't make us pay a dime and were top lads in helping us out with anything and I even had a good time while waiting for the clips to be made

Andrew left a review for

Complete Fencing

Frequently Asked Questions For Finding Fencing Contractors Near Connellan

Can fencing contractors on Localsearch provide a free quote for my project?

Yes, many fencing contractors listed on Localsearch offer free quotes to prospective clients. This is a crucial step in the process for several reasons:

  • Cost Estimation: A free quote will give you a clear understanding of the financial aspect of your fencing project, including the cost of materials, labour and any additional services like the removal of an existing fence or site preparation.
  • Service Comparison: By obtaining multiple quotes, you can compare not just the prices but also the services offered by different contractors, such as the quality of materials, project timelines and the extent of after-sales support.
  • Project Feasibility: Free quotes can help you assess the feasibility of your project within your budget and make necessary adjustments either to your plan or budget.
  • Contractor Interaction: The quote process allows you to interact with contractors, giving you insights into their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to work with your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, while cost is an important factor, it shouldn’t be the sole criterion when choosing a contractor. Consider their reputation, experience and the value they offer for the price quoted.

Are there fencing options that are more aesthetically pleasing while still being secure and low maintenance?

Yes, there are numerous fencing options available that strike a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, security and low maintenance:

  • Colorbond Fencing: Known for its durability, Colorbond fencing comes in various colours to match any landscape or home exterior, requiring minimal maintenance while providing excellent privacy and security.

  • Powder-Coated Aluminium: This type of fencing is not only rust-resistant and durable but also offers a sleek, modern look with minimal upkeep. It’s available in various designs and colours to suit any aesthetic preference.

  • Vinyl Fencing: Offering the appearance of traditional wood without maintenance, vinyl fencing is resistant to weathering, decay and pests. It’s easy to clean and comes in a range of styles and colours.

  • Composite Fencing: Made from a blend of wood fibres and plastic, composite fencing offers the look and feel of wood without extensive maintenance. It’s resistant to rot, pests and decay and it requires minimal upkeep beyond occasional cleaning.

  • Wrought Iron Fencing: For those seeking a more elegant and traditional look, wrought iron fences offer durability and security. While they may require more maintenance to prevent rust, modern treatments and powder coatings can significantly reduce upkeep and enhance longevity.

These options provide homeowners with a range of choices to suit their style preferences while ensuring that the fencing is secure and easy to maintain. When discussing your project with a fencing contractor, be sure to express your desire for a fence that combines these three key aspects. They can advise on the best materials and designs to meet your needs, taking into account the local climate and your property’s specific characteristics.

How do I ensure the fencing contractor can accommodate specific requirements like electric fences or single swing gates?

Ensuring that a fencing contractor can accommodate specific requirements, such as electric fences or single swing gates, involves a few key steps:

  • Detailed Discussion: Have a detailed conversation with potential contractors about your specific needs. Be clear about what you want, including any custom designs or features like powder coating for extra durability or specific gate mechanisms.
  • Experience and Expertise: Ask about their experience with similar projects. Contractors who have successfully installed electric fences or custom gates in the past are likely to be better equipped to handle your project.
  • Portfolio and References: Request to see a portfolio of their work or ask for references from previous clients who had similar requirements. This can give you confidence in their ability to deliver according to your specifications.
  • Written Quote: Ensure that the contractor provides a detailed written quote that includes all your project’s specific requirements, including any extra costs associated with these customisations. This helps in avoiding misunderstandings and unexpected expenses down the line.
  • Contract Clarity: Before finalising the contract with the contractor, make sure that the agreement or contract explicitly states how your specific requirements will be met, including timelines, materials and the installation process.

By taking these steps, you can be more confident in the contractor’s ability to accommodate your fencing project’s unique needs and deliver results that meet your expectations.

What should I know about fencing materials and styles before contacting a contractor?

Before reaching out to a fencing contractor, here’s what you should know:

  1. Understand Fencing Materials: Different materials offer varying levels of durability, maintenance and aesthetic appeal. For instance, Colorbond is renowned for its durability and low maintenance, whereas chain links might be more budget-friendly and offer security without obstructing views.
  2. Consider Fencing Styles: The style of the fence can dramatically affect both the appearance and functionality of your property. Styles can range from simple and functional to elaborate and decorative.
  3. Maintenance and Durability: Some materials and styles require more maintenance than others. For example, wood might need regular painting or staining, whereas vinyl and Colorbond are more low-maintenance options.
  4. Security Features: If security is a primary concern, consider materials and designs that enhance security. Features like height, lack of footholds and durable materials can deter intruders.
  5. Local Regulations and Compatibility: Be aware of any local council regulations regarding fence height, style and materials. Additionally, consider how the fence will complement your home’s existing aesthetic.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to have productive discussions with fencing contractors, helping them to understand your vision and requirements more clearly.

How do I choose the right fencing contractor near Connellan?

When selecting the ideal fencing contractor near Connellan, it’s essential to take a systematic approach:

  • Identify Your Needs: Begin by understanding the specific requirements of your fencing project. Consider factors like the type of materials (e.g., Colorbond, chain link, pool fencing) and the purpose of the fence (e.g., for privacy, security, or aesthetic appeal).
  • Research and Compare: Use Localsearch to find fencing contractors in your area. Look at their services, customer reviews and ratings to get a sense of their reputation and the quality of their work.
  • Check Credentials: Ensure the contractors are licensed, insured and have relevant experience, especially in handling the specific type of fencing project you require.
  • Get Quotes: Contact multiple contractors to get quotes. This will not only give you a better idea of the costs involved but also the opportunity to gauge their professionalism and willingness to accommodate your project’s specific needs.

Before making your final decision, consider the contractor’s willingness to discuss and adapt to your specific requirements, their commitment to timelines and their communication style.

What legal considerations should I be aware of before starting a fencing project?

Before embarking on a fencing project near Connellan, it’s important to be mindful of several legal considerations to ensure compliance and avoid disputes:

  • Local Council Regulations: Familiarise yourself with any local council regulations regarding fence height, style and materials, especially for specific types such as pool fencing or boundary walls. These regulations are in place to ensure safety, privacy and aesthetic harmony within the community.
  • Neighbour Consultation: If the fence will be on a boundary line, it’s crucial to discuss your plans with your neighbour. In many cases, both parties may be responsible for sharing the cost of the fence. An agreement should be reached regarding the type, cost and maintenance responsibilities before proceeding.
  • Permits: Some fencing projects may require a permit from the local council, especially if they exceed certain heights or are intended for specific uses like enclosing a pool. Check with your local council to ensure all necessary permits are obtained.
  • Utility Locations: Before installation begins, ensure that the location of underground utilities is known and marked to avoid damaging them. This is usually a service provided by local utility companies or a contractor who can arrange for it.

Adhering to these legal requirements not only ensures that your fencing project proceeds smoothly but also helps maintain good relations with your neighbours and the community.

What should I do if my neighbour disagrees with the fencing project?

If you encounter disagreement with your neighbour regarding the fencing project, it’s important to handle the situation with care and diplomacy:

  • Seek to Understand: Initially, try to understand your neighbour’s concerns. They might be worried about costs, aesthetics, or privacy. Knowing their issues can help you address them more effectively.
  • Open Communication: Maintain open and respectful communication. Discussing the benefits of the new fence, such as increased privacy and security for both parties, might help in reaching an agreement.
  • Compromise: Be willing to compromise where possible. This might involve adjusting the fence design, height, or materials to address your neighbour’s concerns while still meeting your needs.
  • Legal Advice: If an agreement can’t be reached through dialogue, consider seeking legal advice to understand your rights and obligations. Local laws may dictate how fence disputes are handled, including the process for mediation.
  • Mediation Services: Some local councils or community organisations offer mediation services to help neighbours resolve disputes amicably. This can be a less confrontational and cost-effective way to find a solution.
  • Documentation: If you come to an agreement, get it in writing. A formal agreement can prevent future disputes and provide a clear understanding for both parties.

It’s always best to resolve disputes amicably if possible, as maintaining a good relationship with your neighbour is beneficial for both parties in the long term.


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