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Robinson & Sons Pty Ltd

Steiglitz QLD 4207

NFI Electrical Services Pty Ltd

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 8.3 km away

Electric Company Qld

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 9.8 km away

Factor Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 10.3 km away

Electrical Projects

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.1 km away

Jessop Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.1 km away

Laser Group Qld

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.3 km away

Force Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.4 km away

Accurate Electrical Contractors

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.7 km away

First Stop Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.7 km away

Matt Pitzer Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.7 km away

Power Source Solutions

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.7 km away

XL Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.7 km away

Whiteford Electrical

Servicing Steiglitz QLD | 11.9 km away

Common questions about electricians

Are circuit breakers different to safety switches?

Yes! Circuit breakers protect circuit wiring and appliances where safety switches protect people from electrical shock.

Does my home have a safety switch installed?

All new homes should by law have a safety switch installed; to check look for a ‘T’ or ‘test’ button on your switchboard.

What does a safety switch do?

A safety switch is designed to protect against electrical shock by shutting off when current leakage is detected.

Can I fix minor electrical problems myself?

No. To avoid electrical shock or further damage always call a professional to undertake electrical repairs.

What does an electrician do?

A licensed electrician can install, service and repair electrical components in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Do electricians have emergency services?

Yes! Many electricians offer 24/7 emergency breakdown services.

What is data cabling?

Data cabling acts as the basis for a network, which transmits and shares information between users.

I have no power, what do I do?

Check your switchboard for a tripped system first, and then call a local electrician.

What is testing and tagging?

Testing and tagging involves checking the safety of portable electrical appliances.

Are data cables used for anything other than the Internet?

Yes, there are a number of different data cables used for differing purposes including video and audio.

Can an electrician rewire my home?

Yes, electricians can undertake home rewiring if you are remodelling, or your wiring has deteriorated.

Can an electrician install solar panels?

Many electricians can undertake electrical wiring for the installation of solar panels.

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