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KNH Concrete Pumping

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 6.3 km away

RCG Solutions

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 8.2 km away

Arty Concrete

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 19.1 km away

DD's Concreting

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 20.7 km away

Extrusion Facilities Pty Ltd

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 21.3 km away

Errol Apelt Concreting

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 22.4 km away

Crete It Concreting Services Pty Ltd

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 23.1 km away

CD Kerb & Channel

Servicing Caboolture QLD | 23.5 km away

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Common questions about concreters

What can Concrete be used for?

Buildings, bridges, slabs, piping, inside and outside flooring, streets, driveways, are some instances where concrete may be applied.

What is involved in Polishing Concrete?

Polishing concrete involves grinding concrete that has been treated with a chemical densifier that removes blemishes, and increases density.

How long will the job take?

This obviously depends on the size of the job but also the weather. Standard jobs are typically completed within a day.

Do we need soak wells?

Areas that are fully surrounded by walls (no matter how low) where water has nowhere to go will need a soak well.

Why do I need to have my aggregate concrete sealed?

This concrete has an open pore design and a larger surface area so the surface is more vulnerable to damage from water and contaminants.

What is Cement and how is it made?

Cement is a type of binder, a substance that sets and hardens when added with water, or any other inert durable materials like stone and sand.

What does exposed concrete mean?

After the concrete has been placed, a surface retarder is then applied to delay the top layer of cement from setting.

How do I know if it needs re-sealing?

Generally speaking, aggregate driveways need to be re-sealed once every two years. Commercial premises may be re-sealed more often.

What is the difference between Cement and Concrete?

Cement is an additive that provides the basis for the glue that holds concrete. Concrete is a mixture of aggregates and sand with water and cement.

If I have recently installed a new aggregate driveway, will it be sealed?

Sealing is the final step in aggregate concrete installation and most reputable companies include this as part of their installation services.

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When looking for the right concreter in Caboolture, experience and reliability is very important to get the job done right. No matter what size or type of project, find the business for the job here. Revamp your driveway with a range of concreting options to suit your needs and budget. Concrete driveways can last between 20 to 30 years, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce maintenance costs. Make it unique by using coloured or exposed concrete. Coloured concrete is a popular choice for renovations and commercial properties. With a high level of personalisation and a full depth of colour, coloured concrete is a perfect choice for driveways, pool surrounds, walkways or shopfronts. Old and worn out concrete that needs to be removed? Whether it’s a small slab, an old driveway, or a pathway, Caboolture concreters are ready to remove and clean up any old or unwanted structures. If your concrete is cracked, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. Concrete can be complex, so a specialist concreter is the best choice for a quick and cost-effective repair process. Sealing is a great way to preserve your new concreted area. It also assists with cleaning and minimises staining. The wear and tear of your concrete will depend on the volume and type of traffic. In some cases, recoating is the best solution and is a very affordable alternative to complete reinstallation, sealing and painting of a faded area. Browse through Localsearch’s website for a list of reliable and professional concreters in Caboolture. Get the job done right first time.

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