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Concrete Pre-mixed in Muswellbrook

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Allday Concrete

For the hard stuff

981 New England Hwy Muswellbrook NSW 2333 | 7.2 km away




Truck & dog


4 Carramere Rd Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Boral Concrete

13 Wallarah Rd Muswellbrook NSW 2333 | 4.7 km away

Common questions about concrete pre-mixed

What does the term 'concrete curing' mean?

Curing concrete is the process of providing the right amount of moisture to freshly laid concrete, to prevent it drying to quickly.

What makes concrete crack?

During the drying process concrete changes volume, causing cracks when the concrete expands. Putting in joints is a preventative measure.

What does exposed concrete mean?

After the concrete has been laid, a surface retarder is used to delay the top layer from setting. This allows decorative aggregates to be used.

Do I need to mix the concrete myself?

Pre-mixed concrete arrives in the truck mixed and ready to go.

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