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Chemists & Pharmacies in Emerald

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Gemfields Pharmacy

988 Rubyvale Rd Sapphire Qld 4702 | 46.3 km away

Capella Pharmacy

49 Peak Downs St Capella QLD 4723 | 51.3 km away

Tieri Pharmacy

Tieri QLD 4709 | 57.5 km away

Springsure Pharmacy

44 Eclipse St Springsure QLD 4722 | 65.9 km away

Pharmacy Essentials Blackwater

Blain St Blackwater QLD 4717 | 74.4 km away

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Common questions about chemists & pharmacies

Can I return prescription medicine?

No. Queensland Health regulation states medicines—including orally taken medicine—cannot be returned.

Why do I need to purchase some items with a prescription?

Legislation in Australia deems “Pharmacist Only Medication” requires personal counselling by a pharmacist on sale of the item.

Can my pharmacy keen my prescription repeat on file?

Yes. Consult with your local pharmacy to place a prescription order and they will automatically match up the repeats with the order.

Can I email, phone or fax my prescription?

No. It is a legal requirement for your pharmacist to receive the original prescription.

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