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Smart Bryan

28 Barton Drv Baranduda VIC 3691
213.1 km away

Wodonga Border Carpets

4 Osburn St Wodonga VIC
221.6 km away

Middleton’s Carpets

78 High St Wodonga VIC
222 km away

Choices Flooring Wodonga

47 High St Wodonga VIC
222.2 km away

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nylon carpet and wool carpet?

Wool is a natural fibre and its structure contributes to a range of carpet performance benefits. Nylon is man-made formed during the extrusion process.

What are the advantages of a synthetic carpet?

Synthetic carpets have one key advantage—they have fantastic fade resistance properties. Great if your home is north facing and prone to lots of direct sunlight.

What is the difference between a broadloom (linear) metre and a square metre?

A broadloom metre is the standard width of a carpet roll. To work out the square metre price, just divide the broadloom metre price by 3.66.

What is shedding in carpets?

Shedding is quite normal in a quality carpet. Loose fibres often come off during the installation process.