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Corowa Curtains & Decor

27 Sanger St Corowa NSW 2646
41.5 km away

Corowa Flooring Xtra

132 Sanger St Corowa NSW 2646
41.8 km away

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Outside Mounted’?

Outside mounting describes a way of installing your window coverings. It means mounting the blind on the face of your wall overlapping the window.

How do I measure my windows to get a correct fit?

Measure each window at three different places, width and length, and measure each window three times. You must measure each window individually.

Are my blinds or curtains going to fade?

Unfortunately, due to the harsh Australian climate and sun your blinds and/or curtains will fade over time.

What does back roll or front roll mean?

A front roll means the fabric rolls off the front of the roll tube, like a waterfall. Back rolled means the fabric comes off the back of the blind.