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Air Conditioning Cleaning in Coolangatta

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L.E.N. Enterprises Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Committed to provide the latest technology and cutting edge expertise

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 8.5 km away

Hinterland Air

The air conditioning HVAC professionals

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 12.5 km away

HydroKleen Gold Coast South

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 1 km away

Cold Front Air Conditioning

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 3.6 km away
2 Reviews
2 Reviews

Coolvision Airconditioning

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 10.6 km away
1 Review
1 Review

Air Supply Air Conditioning

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 12.5 km away

Sanitair Tweed Coast

Servicing Coolangatta QLD | 14.1 km away
1 Review
1 Review

Featured reviews for air conditioning cleaning in Coolangatta.

left a review for Coolvision Airconditioning

A+ affordable, local and genuine.

left a review for Sanitair Tweed Coast
Highly recommend these guys

Very impressed with Sanitair, can't believe what was in my aircon! The guy arrived on time and worked thoroughly on my 2 units even in the rain. Both units actually work a lot better after too. Highly recommended.

left a review for Cold Front Air Conditioning
Fast and great service

I called, they quoted, i said yes they installed a few days later, doesn't get much better than that! highly recommend them

Common questions about air conditioning cleaning

What problems can not having an air conditioner cleaned cause?

As well as reducing efficiency, an un-clean air conditioner may cause allergy-like symptoms, headaches, respiratory problems and more.

How long does an air conditioning clean and service take?

Expect at least one hour per system, depending on how much work is required.

Do I still need to have my air conditioner services if I clean the filters?

Cleaning the filters are just one part of a professional aircon clean. Either way, you should regularly clean your filters for optimum efficiency.

Why does my air conditioner smell when I turn it on?

A smelly air conditioner is a sign it needs a thorough professional clean and antibacterial treatment.

How often should I have my air conditioner serviced?

It is recommended you have your air conditioner serviced and cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Will having my air conditioner clean save me money?

A clean air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard to operate, so annual cleans will help keep running costs down.

Why do I have to have my air conditioner cleaned?

Having your air conditioner cleaned helps to keep it maintained, lowers energy consumption and improves its efficiency.

Is white mist normal when my air conditioner is on a heat cycle?

It's perfectly normal. The mist is warm water vapour being expelled from the unit.

When is the best time to have my air conditioner cleaned?

It's always a good idea to have your air conditioner cleaned before peak usage time, such as autumn or spring. This way there’s time for any repairs.

Does ducted air conditioning need to cleaned?

Yes! You should call in a professional to clean your ducted air conditioner at least once a year.

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