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About Us

Pure Performance Sports is a specialist store, dedicated to providing correctly fitting footwear and apparel to meet the individual requirements of active people.
We specialise in performance running footwear and apparel, football, netball, walking, cross training, barefoot running and racing. We also carry an extensive range of running and sporting accessories including Read More...

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Admin: [email protected]...

Admin: [email protected]..

Admin: [email protected]..

Phone: (02) 0249 2221

Mobile: 0411 35 7361


Our Products

Running Footwear
Running Apparel
Running Accessories
Walking Shoes
Cross Trainers
Hydration Equipment
Compression Gear
Racing Footwear
Barefoot Running
Sports Nutrition
Video gait

Our Services

Video gait analysis
Medical Referrals
Footwear Fittings
Footwear Recommendations
Excellent Customer Service
Professional Fittings

Our Specialties

Video gait analysis
Footwear fittings
Footwear recommendations
Barefoot running
Racing footwear
Performance apparel

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Our Service Areas

Cooks Hill, Warners Bay

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  • Cash
  • Direct Debit
  • EFT
  • Mastercard
  • Money Order
  • Visa


Shoe Sales & Repairs:
Shoe Sales & Repairs
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