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"Know Your Heart" - Master Nicholas Turner; Professional Psychic Medium/Channel, Healer and Teacher with 19 years experience.

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About Us

Nicholas is a professional psychic medium, healer and teacher with 19 years’ experience in this very exciting field. He is highly respected amongst his clients, students, colleagues and friends alike. Nick's a heartfelt person who respects the privacy of his clients and will give you 100% of his time and energy, passing Read More...

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Psychic Readings
Guide & Angel Contact
Medium - Channelling
Psychic Healing - Physical & Energetic Body
Medical Intuitive
Energy Balance & Clearing - Personal, Home & Business Premises

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Group Readings - up to 15 clients
Will travel for special requests & requirements
Contact Ascended Masters - Nicholas Turner is a Master who, with permission from the Ascended Master’s is able to place individuals

Angel of Light–Nick & Rachel Turner
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Consult on April 25th 2017
posted this on

Nick's wisdom resonated with me. He addressed a number of questions I had with clarity and in a way that was encouraging while providing gentle guidance. Although I didn't know what to expect initially, I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of insight given. Thank you Miranda

... Owner
Owner Response
Owner posted this on

My Dear Miranda, it is a pleasure to read for souls that are open like yourself. Your energy flowed effortlessly to me. As long as you do what I have said, you will get the reality you want. It was a pleasure to help you understand where you were at within this moment. Kind Regards, the Angel of Light.

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posted this on

I have found personally that Nick is quite the real deal when it comes to matters of personal guidance or advice on matters of concern on our life adventure. We forget sometimes that we are NOT alone in our endeavours no matter what they are. Nicks experience and authentic spiritual connectedness created a first class experience from my perspective. His heart based ethical work is both empowering and uplifting.

It's a privilege to have unbiased, qualified and affordable input of your p... osition on matters of life direction and where you stand. Positive and effective outcomes and powerful reflections abound in his presence. A blessing indeed.

Thank you brother.

Phill :-)

Such a delight
posted this on

I would like to thank you very dearly for all the time you have given me nick
I appreciate your guidance and admire your knowledge.
You are a breath of fresh air.
The clarity i have accumulated through your guidance has been incredible.
Your energy is calm and genuine.
You have helped me to reach goals and believe in myself
For that i am grateful
thank you both xx

Very Grateful
posted this on

Hi Nick
Thank you so much for your words of wisdom today. You have helped clear my head and given me more clarity. I feel truly blessed having spoken with you regarding my nursing and healing career. Love and blessing to you and your Rachel.
Love Joanne oxox

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Owner Response
Owner posted this on

Dear Joanne,
Life becomes a lot clearer when we follow our heart, though it is difficult at first, it shall become easier as time goes on. Follow your path with an invigorated passion and everything will come up roses, I promise. I see you having a fulfilling home life and your work is going to be a joy once again. I know this message has found you in a very good space. It was my pleasure to help you understand your path and to give you solid guidance to set you on your way again.
Warmest... Regards, Nicholas, the Angel of Light.  

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posted this on

I want to thank you for your time today nick you always go above and beyond. You are truly amazing and am grateful to have you guide me on my true path. I will always remember what you have done for me. Your guidance is powerful and fulfilling I am grateful to have met a beautiful soul like yours. Again i can not thank you enough x love and light to you and your wonderful family

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Owner posted this on

It is a pleasure to read for you Tehla as you make my job ten times easier as you allow information to flow through you and to you quite easily. It gives me great joy to help someone with a noble heart, to walk their path as calmly and confidently as you do. To see someone take my advice and follow it to the letter, it warms my open heart. You have many beautiful things in-store as you will see in the coming months. Your light shall make you even stronger. It is my utmost pleasure, to continuall... y guide you upon your path when you require my assistance. Warmest Regards, Angel of Light, Nick   Read More...

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4.9 20

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