AAA Old Car Removals–Ph–1800 60 4090

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AAA Old Car Removals is a local business in the Townsville.

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Free Pick-up of Cars, Trucks, Trailers
Cash for Good Ones
Cars, Trucks & Trailer
Free Takeaway
Prompt Service
Will Call, Will Quote
Cash for Scrap & Vehicles
Free Old Car Removal

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124 Southwood Rd (Rear) Stuart, QLD 4811  Get directions

AAA Old Car Removals–Ph–1800 60 4090
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My daughter had an old car parked at the side of her house just rusting away and was good to know one, I had heard about these guys and gave them a ring for her, she was happy I did and picked up small amount cash and the yard looks way better.

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Bought a block out of town and hidden at the back all these old wrecks and junk, these guys came in and cleaned up the lot amazing work keep it up.

4.5 2


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