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TNT Express offers a wide range of domestic, international, special services and industry solutions and have your documents, parcels and freight

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I was home all morning, driver made no attempt to knock on door, driver left "sorry we missed you" card in letterbox, which I found when I went out later, phoned 131150 for customer service and got a woeful computer voice which was extremely difficult to use. I will never open an account with TNT, will advise customers to not send goods to me via TNT, tyou are the pits!

failed delivery
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My package was 'delivered' today. I heard the truck noise, rushed out of the shower to see the truck driving away. He must have been there 15 seconds. Now I am left waiting until after Easter. I thinK i will call TNT rather than chase the truck in my car. No you cant do that - only an automated message service. Not happy TNT

Packages tracking and contacts
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Just wanted to let you know that your on line tracking system and information is Ok except that you can find out everything that you dont want know.
IE a day it might be delivered, no tome frame in the expected day of delivery and no possible way to contact the local last scanned TNT courier company to find out when and if its on delivery and a time.
Makes hard to plan your business day or week with such vague information and no phone numbers to talk to people at the last scanned depot. ...
If you have set out to discourage your customeresfrom contacting you - it's worked.
Never again.

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