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Current Temperature

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About Maryborough

Located on the Mary River in Queensland, Maryborough is approximately 250 kilometres away from the capital city of Brisbane. Bruce Highway connects it to its neighbouring cities, which gives residents access to major commercial and recreational centres. The suburban area of Maryborough is bounded by several features of landscapes and waterscapes, such as Brothers Islands, Boonlye Point and North Head, to name a few. Maryborough holds the title of Heritage City of Queensland because of its excellent preservation of the buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It houses various heritage-listed sites as well, including the streets of Adelaide, Kent and Lennox, to mention a few. Maryborough is also famous for the Mary Poppins' life-size statue as a tribute to the book series' author, P.L. Travers, who was born there. In terms of transportation services, Maryborough is mainly linked by the Colton train station and also via the Maryborough Airport. Hotels, such as Best Western Kimba Lodge, Arkana Motel and Pialba Motor Inn, are also readily available for travellers who wish to stay in the area.

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